Title of the project

Multiculturalism and Fire Incidents

Name of the award holder

Dr Christian Morgner

Supporting institution/organisation

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Start date

January 2018

Anticipated completion date

January 2019

Brief description

This project will address a neglected area of demographic research on fire incidents, namely, the role of cultural diversity and integration as a barrier to adoption of fire safe behaviours. Previous research by the author (Morgner 2018) has demonstrated that less integrated communities are more likely to experience a higher frequency of fires, particularly severe fires, than well integrated majority communities. Therefore, this study will focus on the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Leicestershire one of the UK’s most multicultural counties. The study will make use of survey techniques in combination with focus groups to identify the obstacles that prevent these communities from receiving valuable knowledge and information about fire safety and standards in the UK.

Outcomes being sought

The research findings will lead to tangible outcomes in the form of an intervention programme that will include intercultural awareness training of fire service personnel to build better links with local communities. These will improve both fire safety and the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between the fire service and ethnic minorities.

Contact details for more information

Christian Morgner

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